Here’s whats been happening on Bonne Terre!!

October/November 2017

Amazing harvest of guava this year and they are still blooming! Starfruit are abundant, we have harvested peanuts and are getting ready to plant them again. Eggplant has gone amok and we planted a weeee bit too much and not enough (ready any) of our other staples so we are in the middle of correcting that, building more beds and planting. The weather has been rainy but nice and cool so we are thankful. With Christmas not far away we are planning for staff to take holidays, bring in some student staff to help and celebrate with everyone.

Bonne Terre goes to India to begin a rooftop garden on a children’s home! Beyond My Borders sent me to Hyderabad, India to begin a garden on the roof of a children’s home. From scratch! Beds were created, soil was hauled to the roof, seeds were bought, compost sourced (from the market at the end of the day), manure sourced (from the surrounding greenspace) and we were ready! We also visited a couple of Leper Colonies, put in a well in a village and spent time at another children’s home outside Vijaywada. It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot, ate a lot of curry and got inspired to hopefully help more in the future.

Now back on the ground in Haiti, renovations on the house continue in earnest, our security hut is underway and our gazebo is ready to start.

AAANNNNDDD today (yesterday – internet would not connect to ipads nor computer yesterday :(….. is our annual All Day fundraiser that helps us finish the year, cover the 13th month mandatory salary for staff (gov mandated) and it helps us be ready for the next year.

For anyone on Facebook – we have had lots of posts today (yesterday now – Haiti internet…..) about the farm and our different fundraising activities (tshirts, Trades of Hope fundraiser and my birthday fundraiser today) so you can check it out at the Bonne Terre Haiti page.

We are always developing, expanding, helping others so if you are able to help support Bonne Terre, please do!

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Thanks Everyone!