Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve made a ton of changes to the Bonne Terre Haiti website so that it’s up to date and easy to navigate! Check it out here at bonneterrehaiti.org

We’ve just launched our new Zazzle page where you can get some funky fresh Bonne Terre merchandise, with all proceeds going to the farm! We’re also expanding our social media presence so that we cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Reddit. Are we cool now?

Why are we doing all of this? We have two good reasons!

First, we understand that when it comes to poverty, money alone isn’t a lasting solution. That’s why we are constantly looking to expand our support for Bonne Terre Haiti in order to develop a new way of thinking that focuses on ending poverty by educating and empowering local individuals in the workplace, by introducing new farming methods and techniques. For these reasons, we encourage you to share this post using the buttons at the bottom of our blog, helping us create a bigger impact!

And Second, we want to keep you up to date with all that we have planned for the Summer months ahead of us! Things like how we’re right in the middle of a huge harvest of mangoes and eggplant… and peppers, tomatoes, chaya and moringa! As well as other things like our 2017 Summer student staff, or adorable photos of our kittens, chickens and goats on the farm.

All in all, you’re going to want to stay in the loop so go to our sidebar and subscribe to our mailing list to know as soon as we post an update!

Jen Wride
Bonne Terre Haiti

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