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What a full summer. Spring and summer actually! My cousin James was with me for 2 months helping with the website, teaching me media information and helping on the farm. I loved having him here and greatly appreciate all his help and insight!

Bonne Terre celebrated 5 years in August!

Summer was full of ups and downs with our 4 student interns working along with our regular staff. Our students helped with repairs, planting and new projects. (building a water feeder for the chickens)

We hosted a 2 day Moringa class put on by Strong Harvest. Teaching people how to teach others about Moringa, its benefits amd use. We are excited to be able to equip people to spread the word and plants!

Our farm manager, Moliere, spent 2 weeks writing exams for his Agriculture degree (2nd year) in July and unfortunately suffered the loss of his wife in August. She was in her 30’s and we still do not know what happened. It was devastating.

We have been harvesting the first ever crop of Coresol (Soursop) from trees we started from seed. Also eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, beans, guava, breadfruit, a few pumpkins, chaya, moringa, katuk, cranberry hibiscus, bananas, plantains and eggs from our chickens.u

Peanuts, pumpkins, okra, eggplant, cabbage and peppers have been planted over the summer.

After much deliberation, prayer, analysis I have made the decision that I need to move onto Bonne Terre. The next 5 year plan is developing and with that the farm needs some changes so to be on top of it I will be right there.

I will need to have a safe place to live and have started the process of renovation existing space to live in. My own TINY HOUSE in Haiti!! Seriously, its under 300 sq ft. We will install a few more solar panels on the water tower and put in an inverter and battery bank. We have an existing composting toilet and bathing room so a bathroom will go in when we can afford to build it.

Bonne Terre is going International! Well, just for the month of October….
Beyond My Borders is sending me to INDIA to start work in a rooftop garden! Considering I started in Haiti on a rooftop garden, this is right up my alley! We will be at a children’s home for the rooftop garden along with a widow’s village and leper colony to advise on potential for growing their own food.

Updates from Bonne Terre and India will be on our Bonne Terre Haiti Facebook page so make sure you check in there! Wait, I’m hoping! I have no idea about internet where we will be in India……stay tuned.

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Jen Wride
Bonne Terre Haiti

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