Newletter May 2018

Mango season! And eggplant, guava, peppers, tomato, arugula, cabbage, malabar spinach, congo bean, passionfruit, moringa, katuck, chaya, banana, plantain and cranberry hibiscus……


It’s that time of year! We are getting ready for summer and that means summer break from school for students. We wish to continue with our summer student staff program. Giving opportunities to earn a wage, learn about farming and other skills is important to us on Bonne Terre. We need your help to do so. $350 USD funds a student for the summer, providing salary and meals all summer long. If you wish to sponsor a student and need a tax receipt please contact me directly. Tax receipts are available for US support. If a tax receipt is not needed please use our PAYPAL link on our website. At this time we cannot give Canadian tax receipts. If one is not needed please use the PAYPAL link on our website making sure it is Canadian dollars. (The button to switch to CDN is in the top right if the page) THANK YOU for your support of Bonne Terre and our students we employ.


Our chickens are doing great and the new ones are producing. Some teeny tiny eggs, some SOFT shell eggs but producing and practicing! We are able to provide a meal a week for staff, sell some and get some out to organizations that need support.


We were so happy to be able to provide uniforms for our staff this month. Thanks to people who ordered BONNE TERRE HAITI t-shirts, we were able to fund uniforms for staff here on the farm. They look great and we say a big THANK YOU! We’ll be doing another run of tshirts in the near future so if you would like to be put on the list for orders contact me at I will contact you to confirm when we are ready to run the tshirts.

We are lokking forward to summer, the students being with us and lots getting done on the farm!



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Jen Wride
Bonne Terre Haiti

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