We had 10 students working for us this summer! THANK YOU to those who sponsored them. We were able to get a lot of work done including adding more vegetable rows, revamping the water lines, composting, planting trees, processing moringa, lemongrass and luffa as well as the always popular cleaning out of the composting toilet! Thankfully it is always beautiful rich soil ready to fertilise our banana circles.

Project completion, time management, composting and soil protection were
all being taught this summer in various ways.We were also able to give one student, who had a goal of becoming an agronomist, the opportunity to coordinate the summer staff for part of the summer while I went to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for the first time since I moved to Haiti (9 years). It was great to be able to visit with family and friends and communicate daily with the farm. It was an excellent opportunity for Moise to experience the reality of running your own farm and managing people. He did great but was so happy I was home because he was so tired! This type of job experience and opportunity is really what we want to be able to do even more of.

It was a fun summer and it was great to see a couple of the students head off to college at the end of our time together.

This fall has us getting ready to plant our vegetable rows with tomatoes, peppers, onions , eggplant etc. We are harvesting AVOCADOS for the first time ever from our own trees as well as guava, breadfruit, corresol, starfruit, coconut, bananas and plantains.

Because of an awesome group of students at Terry Fox Secondary (The Legacy Group) we are completing a renovation of a storage room to fully equip Bonne Terre with a kitchen complete with fridge and freezer to process all we grow! Keep an eye on the BONNE TERRE HAITI Facebook page for photos of the process and progress!

Please keep in mind our WITSON HONORD SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Witson’s class graduated from high school without him and ceremonies were held September 8th. I was honored to be asked to be Maren (Godmother) to the class even though it was an incredibly bittersweet day. 6 students graduated and we would like to be able to give each a scholarship in honor of their friend and brother, Witson for their next steps in education. Please contact me for how to do that.

Thank you as always to everyone for their support, encouragement and prayers. We appreciate it!