Travel Guide

US and Canadian citizens will need a valid passport to enter the Dominican Republic and Haiti.   In addition, each team member will be required to purchase a tourist card ($10) upon arrival to the D.R.  See instructions below for acquiring your DR tourist card.

Making Air Travel Arrangements

The closest airport to Bonne Terre Haiti is Cibao International Airport, also known as Santiago Airport (STI).  Cibao International airport is located in Santiago de los CaballerosDominican Republic‘s second largest city.  It is the country’s third busiest airport by passenger traffic, after Punta Cana International Airport and Las Américas International Airport.  We require that all teams traveling to Bonne Terre make air travel arrangements into Santiago. (STI) unless otherwise approved by Bonne Terre. Pricing for team members will be affected by flights that do not come into Santiago (STI).

Arrival In Santiago, Dominican Republic

When you land in the Dominican Republic exit the plane and proceed to customs.  You will need to stop at the immigration counter to  purchase a Tourist visa ($10) before getting in the customs line.  The immigration counter is on the first floor just to the left of the escalator.

Ground Transportation

After you have cleared customs proceed to baggage claim to retrieve your luggage and exit the airport.  A representative from Bonne Terre Haiti will be waiting for you outside with a bus to transport you to your hotel for the evening.   Ground transportation is included and will be provided by Bonne Terre.

note: You will be approached by baggage handlers who will offer to help you carry your luggage.  They can be quite assertive. We suggest you refuse their assistance unless you need help.  The expected tip is $1-2 per bag. 


We suggest making two photo copies of your passport.  Put one copy in your suitcase separate from your original and leave one copy at home with a friend or family member.  The photocopy of your passport will come in handy if you happen to lose your identification in-country.


Both the Peso and American $ are widely accepted in Ouanaminthe, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Click edit button to change this text.

Airline Ticket (US Residents)

The cost of your airline ticket is tax deductible for U.S. tax payers if the primary purpose of your trip is charitable work.
Please retain a copy of your airline ticket receipt for tax purposes.

Travel Snacks

Please bring a water bottle with you, both for the trip and for your use at Bonne Terre. Also, bring enough snacks to sustain you during your airline trip and bus trip to Bonne Terre.

Money Exchange

You will be able to exchange money after you arrive to your volunteer site.


Bring all your items in suitcases.  Do not bring boxes.  DR Customs officials will often let you through without inspecting your suitcases, but boxes are always inspected and will result in delays.


If one of your checked bags is lost  you must file a claim form with the airline before exiting the airport.  Seek assistance from a baggage claim attendant (they do speak English).

Airport Wifi

The Cibao airport has a public wifi.  We suggest you connect  via your smart phone once you exit the plane and send  your loved ones back home a quick email to let them know you arrived safely.