About Us

Welcome to Bonne Terre

Bonne Terre Haiti is a 3 acre farm in the north east of Haiti. We grow food for several organizations (1562 POUNDS to one orphanage alone) as well as teaching farming techniques to improve production while providing employment for up to 12 locals annually.

In 2017 Bonne Terre celebrated 5 years of planting, development and employment! We went from 5 trees on the farm to over 1000 food producing trees! We also have vegetables, chickens, goats, dogs and a cat!

2018 goals include finishing our infrastructure (security, kitchen, gazebo), increasing our egg production, providing farming classes and increasing our food production!

You can check out our blog and see some of the development over the past 5 years.








Our Core Values

Teaching children how to grow their own food and raise their own animals is key to independence and empowerment. Our programs work with local orphanages to teach those valuable skills.
Bonne Terre’s long term sustainability plan involves producing a surplus of food to use for high quality staff meals, sell, and donate to those in extreme need. Vegetable gardens, food forests, and our animals all play an important part in making this system work. All the proceeds from what we sell on the farm go straight towards our yearly budget.
Moringa, Chaya and Katuk are 3 of the most nutritious leaves in the world. We are producing all 3 and providing them to local organizations that fight malnutrition. Foods that have a high nutritious value are key along with educating people on how to incoorporate them into their daily diet. We choose to be culturally sensative to people and help them add and augment the nutrition levels in their food instead of changing how they eat.
It is imperative that at the core of our organization, we hire hard working local individuals to provide them with the skills they need for their future, and to pass on to their families.

Meet our talented and hardworking staff