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December 2019 – Giving Tuesday

As I head into December and start the review of the year it is bringing back a lot of tough emotions as well as gratitude for what we have accomplished. We have increased production, started a kitchen renovation that is almost complete and now have a line of 3 products to sell from Bonne Terre. [...]

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Help Make This Happen!

We’re halfway through our major fundraiser and still need your help! We have had a great time this week hearing from people and pulling their numbers off the board! Even with all the turmoil and unrest we are pushing through with our CLEAR THE BOARD FUNDRAISER. Now more than ever with the rising cost of [...]

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Tough Times in Haiti

As I sit here under the mangoes trying to give an update on the farm my mind can only seem to compute the last 17 days. Two deaths and a wedding. The grief has been crushing, the workload heavy and the celebration for Francia and Gaspard bittersweet but joyous. UPDATE - Its now June 1 [...]

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Bonne Terre Summer 2019

We had 10 students working for us this summer! THANK YOU to those who sponsored them. We were able to get a lot of work done including adding more vegetable rows, revamping the water lines, composting, planting trees, processing moringa, lemongrass and luffa as well as the always popular cleaning out of the composting toilet! [...]

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May 2018

Newletter May 2018 Mango season! And eggplant, guava, peppers, tomato, arugula, cabbage, malabar spinach, congo bean, passionfruit, moringa, katuck, chaya, banana, plantain and cranberry hibiscus......   It’s that time of year! We are getting ready for summer and that means summer break from school for students. We wish to continue with our summer student staff [...]

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Happenings On The Farm

March 2018 Hi Everyone! It's been a very busy 4 months since last writing anything. Let’s get you up to date! December saw us harvesting AND planting since the weather is cooler. Eggplants were abundant since we had a tiny miscommunication while I was in India which resulted in 10 ROWS of eggplant! Not a [...]

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Fall 2017

Here's whats been happening on Bonne Terre!! October/November 2017 Amazing harvest of guava this year and they are still blooming! Starfruit are abundant, we have harvested peanuts and are getting ready to plant them again. Eggplant has gone amok and we planted a weeee bit too much and not enough (ready any) of our other [...]

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What A Summer…….

Latest Update What a full summer. Spring and summer actually! My cousin James was with me for 2 months helping with the website, teaching me media information and helping on the farm. I loved having him here and greatly appreciate all his help and insight! Bonne Terre celebrated 5 years in August! Summer was full [...]

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45 Minutes of My Life

45 Minutes...... Thats how long it took. Took to convince some of the staff on Bonne Terre to help clean out the composting toilet. 2 1/2 years of planning. One year of using the toilet. 16 months of it sitting closed, locked and decomposing. Even took some friendly abuse from some friends visiting.... you know [...]

By | July 15th, 2017|2017|2 Comments

Cockadoodle-Do’s and Don’ts for Raising Chickens

WE'VE GOT CHICKENS!!! Its always fun to have something new happening in the development of Bonne Terre Haiti! A bit over a month ago we got a delivery of laying chickens that we had been waiting 2 months for. These beauties started laying eggs within a week of arrival and (since then) we have been able [...]

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