The Never Ending TO DO LIST……….farm style.

I love lists. I love making lists. I love checking things off lists when done. I may even be known to write something on a list that was already done just to cross it off. ;) EXCEPT when that list gets a bit too long. Like 6 pages. I think thats my limit at this point. [...]

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Investing In People

Farming can be a difficult job everywhere in the world, and wherever you go farmers will have different struggles. In Haiti we battle heat, drought, archaic practices and personally SWF (Single White Female) syndrome in a male dominated culture. I can't tell you how many times I have had tools taken out of my hands [...]

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We’ve Updated Our Website!

Over the past couple of weeks, we've made a ton of changes to the Bonne Terre Haiti website so that it's up to date and easy to navigate! Check it out here at We've just launched our new Zazzle page where you can get some funky fresh Bonne Terre merchandise, with all proceeds going to the [...]

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We have been blessed with abundance on Bonne Terre and it just keeps growing. Okay so it has taken hard work too but what a year!! Over 1700lbs of food this year and counting!  We have harvested black eyed peas, black beans, peanuts, pumpkins, okra, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, papaya, banana, plantain, breadfruit, mangos, oranges, guava, [...]

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MORINGA - how many times have I said "no not merenge MORINGA!" Lol This leaf is a GAME CHANGER.  Or it can be! We use it every day in our lunches with our staff meals to add nutritional value to the food. We supply moringa to people in our community including a dear elderly lady [...]

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Staff Meals

We make a real effort to practice what we preach here on Bonne Terre! That means growing great food for us to eat as well as give away and use for malnutrition programs. We cook legumes with rice or boullion soup with vegetables each day for our staff which is traditional for Haiti. (Recent tradition) Bonne [...]

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Our goat family consists of 3 goats right now. Rio is our youngest and comes when you call his name! They might be too cute to eat.......    

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