Meet Our Team

Jen Wride

In 2010,  Jen started a rooftop garden growing over 100 plants and trees. Thanks to Vanity 4 Humanity,  she was then able to purchase land to start Bonne Terre.  Jen has studied at Echo in North Fort Myers, FL, Aquasol in Dade City, FL and continues to work toward her Permiculture certification.

5 Years
Molieux (Mo)
Farm Coordinator

As Farm Coordinator, Molieux is responsible for organizing the daily running of Bonne Terre. Supervising staff, animal care, tasks, maintenance as well as record keeping. Molieux is studying for his Bachelors of Science in Agriculture.

2 Years
Farm Security

During the night, Aniel and his sons are responsible for patrolling the grounds of Bonne Terre to ensure we don’t have any unexpected visitors; a common situation in Haiti!

2 Years
Farm Maintenance

Telan is responsible for daily maintenance as well as planting preparation.

3 Mon.
Animal Care and Farm Maintenance

Kapo is responsible for our animal care as well as daily maintenance on Bonne Terre. He works with our chickens, goats, dogs, and kittens!

1 Year
Cook, Moringa Project

Loude is responsible for our healthy daily meals as well as our Moringa and Chaya processing.

2 Mon.