REQUIRED ITEMS:  (All Volunteers)

  • Your passport / Photo copy of your passport
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen/ EXTRA Sunscreen
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Personal water bottle
  • Towel, washcloths. (Sheet and towels and blankets and pillows are available on-site)
  • Foam Ear plugs (Chickens and dogs can be loud at night!)
  • A camera, extra camera batteries and memory. Double the memory you think you will need
  • Work gloves
  • Personal toiletry items, including soap.
  • Instant hand sanitizer
  • An extra pair of glasses or contacts, if you use them.
  • A plastic garbage bag to store your dirty clothes.
  • Pepto Bismol, immodium, etc. (just in case)

OPTIONAL ITEMS:  (All Volunteers)

  • A watch and alarm clock feature—you will be responsible for managing your personal time, including your wake-up time.


Casual clothing is well accepted although you should avoid bringing clothing which may be viewed as “too revealing” by Haitians. You will not have an opportunity to wash items during the week, so make sure you bring sufficient clothing including underwear, socks, etc.  We recommend bringing a firm pair of sandals and tennis shoes for daily footwear. Important!  Please take a moment to review the information below regarding special cultural items with regard to dress.

For Men:
Men are required to wear a shirt at all times even when working outside in the heat of the day.  It is considered unacceptable by Haitian standards for a man to remove his shirt.  We also request that you bring at least one pair of pants (dockers/nice casual) to use during this time. If you plan to attend church, also bring a nice polo shirt or dress shirt.

For Women: 
We require that female volunteers wear shorts, pants, crop pants or skirts that fall to the knee or BELOW the knee. please, no spaghetti strap tank tops and tube tops are prohibited. Bras must be worn at all times. No see-through clothing is allowed. No spandex pants, no bare midriffs. Bring a one-piece bathing suit AND one pair of shorts (shorts are to be worn over your suit while in and out of the water) for any possible trips to the beach with the kids. If you plan to attend church—please bring a skirt (see above for length) and blouse or dress.

Additional Information:  

You will have access to a charging station for your camera; no special European type adapters are needed.
If you would like to secure your items please bring your own lock for your suitcase.
We suggest you print this page and use as a checklist as you prepare for you trip.
We look forward to your arrival in Haiti!